Mountain Village Students’ Visit to Yunpeng Hydropower Station, CR Power
10-10-2018 China Power News Network (CPNN)

More than 300 years ago, Xu Xiake (a famous traveler and geographer in Ming Dynasty) visited the Alu Ancient Cave in Yunnan Province and later wrote down an article that has been handed down through the ages. Thanks to his article, the Alu Ancient Cave has become famous all over China ever since.

300 years later, CR Power made its way into Luxi County and built Yunpeng Hydropower Station to help the poor and the needy and promote local economic and social development, thus establishing a good reputation throughout Honghe Prefecture.

Donating money to help students further their studies

On September 28, Yunpeng Hydropower Station, operated by Yunnan CR Power (Honghe) Co., Ltd., donated science books and exercise-books worth more than RMB 10,000 to Shama Primary School in Xiangyang Township, Luxi County. Meanwhile, a lecture on safe use of electricity and fire control was given to more than 500 students of the school.

This is a part of the Clean Energy Promotion Month of CR Power (a serial activity themed "Green Development, Better Life"). It is also a traditional donation activity of Yunnan CR Power Yunpeng Hydropower Station that has been carried out for many years. Since the station launched the activity of "Helping the poor and the needy" in 2011, it has donated materials worth more than RMB 100,000.

Since the 19th CPC National Congress, the Party branch of Yunnan CR Power (Honghe) Co., Ltd. has always maintained consistency in its ideological and political actions with the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core. Under the unified deployment of the Party Committee of CR Power for Southwest China, it has carried out various activities to help the poor and the needy, thus fulfilling its social responsibilities as a Central enterprise.

On September 28, the journalists witnessed the charity donation of Yunpeng Hydropower Station. At about 8:00 a.m., it began to drizzle. The buses carrying books and fire-fighting equipment headed slowly for Shama Primary School in Xiangyang Township, Luxi County, along the steep mountain road along the Nanpan River. Although it is only 30km from Yunpeng Hydropower Station to Shama Primary School, the altitude difference is more than 1200 meters. As Shama Primary School was built on a mountain, it is rainy and chilly here from September to March every year.

Despite the dangerous mountain roads, people are still struggling forward for the sake of love.

On the way to the school, the buses were driving gingerly as several roadbeds had collapsed, which was very dangerous.

When the buses drove to Hei’er section, the roadbed had collapsed severely. To make things worse, the wheels skidded as it was raining. Therefore, it was very difficult to move on. Without hesitation, Cai Mingtong, Zhao Jiajia and Wang Jingrui (employees of the company) got off and stood in the mud, pulling the buses forward.

After more than 20 minutes of efforts, the buses trapped in the muddy road were pulled out and moved on.

At about 9:10, they arrived at the destination safely. In the midst of the drizzle, the representatives of Yunnan CR Power (Honghe) Co., Ltd. finally managed to walk into the gate of Shama Primary School to carry out the Clean Energy Day activity themed "Green Development, Better Life" & Yunpeng Hydropower Station EHS Cultural Publicity Activity.

The employees of Yunpeng Hydropower Station, in the form of cartoons, vividly explained the knowledge on safe use of electricity and fire fighting to more than 500 teachers and students of the school, and patiently answered the students' questions. Later on, they donated books on campus safety, fire safety, traffic safety and life safety, as well as exercise-books and fire-fighting equipment worth over RMB 10,000.

"We donated materials to Shazipo Primary School in 2016, Dairu Primary School in 2017 and Shama Primary School this year. We do it every year," said Leng Xianping, deputy secretary of the Party branch of Yunnan CR Power (Honghe) Co., Ltd.

"Although it is cold today, we feel warm in our heart." Zhang Yunyan, deputy head of Xiangyang Township, spoke highly of the charity donation of Yunpeng Hydropower Station. Deeply moved, Li Jiaxiang, headmaster of Shama Primary School, said excitedly: "Mountain village schools are in difficult conditions, but charity donation warms the heart of each and every student."

Love spreads everywhere. Six years ago, Mrs. Lin Baoling from Hong Kong donated 300,000 HK dollars to help build Hui Zhen Teaching Building of Shama Primary School. Six years later, she received the charity donation from Yunpeng Hydropower Station of Yunnan CR Power (Honghe) Co., Ltd., which is exactly a relay of love.

Spread popular science knowledge

After listening to the lecture on safe use of electricity, many students voluntarily asked for a visit to Yunpeng Hydropower Station.

Xiao Tixin, deputy director of the Integrated Department of Yunpeng Hydropower Station, had a mixed feeling of joy and concern when counting the number of people. On one hand, there were many students who signed up to visit Yunpeng Hydropower Station. On the other hand, buses could not get through as the road was slippery on rainy days and the road foundation was collapsed. As a result, it was impossible to let too many students visit the station.

Finally, through the arrangement of the school, some students were selected as representatives to visit the station.

In the eyes of Li Yiyun, a sixth grader of the school, the hydropower station is a mysterious place which converts water into electricity closely linked with thousands of households.

At 2:00 p.m., Li and 15 of her classmates set out for Yunpeng Hydropower Station for a visit.

Yunpeng Hydropower Station is located near the Nanpanjiang River in Xiangyang Township, Luxi County, with high mountains on both banks and misty clouds overhead.

Li Yiyun was mentally prepared in advance, but when she walked into the hydropower station, she was still stunned by the magnificent buildings in sight.

The staff of Yunpeng Hydropower Station led the students to visit the generator set and explained in detail the basic principles of electric power generation, the production process of hydropower generation and the knowledge on safe use of electricity.

The students said that it was a real eye-opener beyond their knowledge acquired from books.

"When one gets an electric shock, do not stretch out your hand to help him out." Li Yiyun recalled what she had just learned about safe use of electricity. She said: "It is even more foolish to directly pull the wire on him by hand. The best way is to find a dry wooden stick and take the wire away from him."

Walking out of Yunpeng Hydropower Station and casting a glance back at the majestic, strong dam, Jin Shilong, aged nearly 10, did not completely recover from the shock. "I used to be afraid of electricity, but now I'm not. Knowing how electricity is generated, I feel ours is a great and powerful country." The third grader was full of pride when talking about how he felt after visiting the station. He said he would tell his parents, friends and people around him about the knowledge he had just learned on the safety of electricity.

The rain stopped and the wind lulled. The little visitors were walking away farther and farther, on a mission to spread the knowledge on the safety of electricity among the people around them.

"Green Development, Better Life"… Satisfied with the students' performance, Leng Xianping said that he hoped that through the visit, the students would use electricity safely in school and study hard to realize their ideals and ambitions.

Yunpeng Hydropower Station has improved students' safety awareness through various means such as giving lectures on professional knowledge on safety of electricity and fire-fighting equipment, displaying the image of the plant to the outside and publicizing EHS cultural concepts.

Huang Wei, assistant general manager of CR Power Southwest China General Manager's Work Department and Communist Youth League secretary who participated in the organization of the activity, said that such activities have deepened teachers' and students' understanding of CR Power, enabled them to feel CR Power's concept of "Green Development, Better Life" in the flesh, and displayed CR Power's good image of "working hand in hand with you to change our life".

Poverty Alleviation – Improve the living standards of villagers in the surrounding areas

Before the completion of Yunpeng Hydropower Station, it was a relatively closed and isolated place with impassable roads and backward economy.

With the construction of Yunpeng Hydropower Station, the roads between the surrounding villages and the county have improved. During the construction period, the company built a road of more than 20km leading to the factory, thus connecting the villages near the station with the county, improving the travel conditions of villagers and realizing the connection between the villages and the outside.

At the same time, the construction of Yunpeng Hydropower Station has served as a major boost to local employment, providing hundreds of regular jobs for the local area during the construction period and more than 50 jobs during the operation period. In recent years, the company has been actively providing job opportunities for local villagers and giving priority to local villagers in odd projects of the station and cleaning of the plant areas, thus playing a positive role in helping the villagers nearby to get rid of poverty and become rich.

Yunpeng Hydropower Station has succeeded in transforming the barren hills and stockyards within the company's scope of land acquisition into orchards and vegetable fields and in planting fruit trees such as pitaya, plantain, toon, and all kinds of vegetables. When the villagers nearly came to visit and study, the company guided the villagers through demonstration in planting fruit trees and vegetables. Thanks to its efforts, local villagers turned a large area of barren hills into orchards and vegetable gardens, and planted more than 400 mu of fruits, vegetables and other cash crops, with an output value of more than RMB 2 million.

Luxi is one of the poverty-stricken counties in China. In particular, the people living in the villages near Nanpan River in Xiangyang Township are rather poor. Yunpeng Hydropower Station has actively devoted itself to social welfare undertakings while increasing and maintaining the value of enterprises. To fulfill its social responsibilities, the station has carried out the activity of "Making donations to help the poor and the needy to realize their dreams" in the villages nearby for many years to help needy college students to complete their studies. For example, during the Spring Festival every year, the station will carry out public welfare activities in the nearby Huanglishu Village, Zhaiyakou Village, Henkan Village and Datian Xin'an Village, and extend regards to nearly 40 villagers over the age of 70. Its deeds have been highly appreciated by the villagers nearby.

Continuously carrying out the above series activities to help poverty-stricken students to complete their studies, Yunnan CR Power (Honghe) Co., Ltd. has done a good of fulfilling its social responsibility and established a good corporate image as a Central enterprise.